The K&M Racing Syndicates


Syndication is the most popular way of owning a racehorse. As well as having some brilliant syndicates involved in the yard, we also run syndicates in-house.

Why should I join a Syndicate?

Syndication is a great way to get involved in ownership. Of course you’ll own a smaller percentage of the horse but you’ll also share the finances with others making it more cost effective. Many syndicate members also enjoy sharing the experience of race days with others and have made many like- minded friends through racing syndicates.

Syndicates and partnerships have been a huge success at Martins Hill, with horses running at every level. Yard favourite Ami Desbois took his owners to the Cheltenham Festival and to the Grand National… we’d love to find another one like him.

If you are interested in joining a syndicate, there are details below of the syndicate horses that we have in the yard. Or if you want to know more about joining a syndicate and what it involves, do get in touch.


Each season we run a KandM Racing Club. Each Club has space for up to 20 members, who pay a one-off fee to join. The Club leases a horse for the season – and so avoids the capital cost of buying a horse – and the members get to enjoy the fun of ‘owning’ that horse for the season. If you would like to know more about joining the Club, do get in touch

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